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Chiltern Invadex

Chiltern Invadex provides a range of easy bathing solutions such as level access showers, walk in baths and moving and handling products. Chiltern Invadex products are designer to aid mobility, independence and help improve daily life. Products include Wet floor systems, Shower Cubicles, Step in Showers, chairs cradles and seats.

Chiltern Invadex has long been recognised as a leading supplier of showering and bathing equipment, their extensive range including shower cubicles, low level access showers, seats, trolleys and stretchers.

The Transaqua Shower/Commode Chair

From £416 (if exempt from VAT)

The Transaqua Shower/Commode Chair

The TransAqua Shower / Commode Chair range is an ideal showering solution for the home, nursing home and hospital environments. Many features include;

  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel frame.
  • HF welded seat sealed against water ingress.
  • Removable seat with choice of style and 18” or 21” width.
  • Designed to suit both standard WC’s and Clos-o-Mat toilets.
  • Available as self-propelled or transit.
  • Swing away and removable armrests.
  • Swing away, height adjustable and removable footplates.
  • Choice of 20”, 22” or 24” rear wheels, with anti-tippers (self-propelled).
  • Braked castors (transit).
  • Max. user weight of 200Kg (30st).
  • Wide range of standard accessories.

Aqua Master

From £397 (if exempt from VAT)

Aqua MAster

The newest addition to their range of shower and toileting chairs, the AquaMaster is available as a static, self-propelled or transit model. Starting with the one-piece rigid frame, the chair is easily specified, with flexible options available on chair width and height, seat style, type of backrest, footplates and a comprehensive range of accessories. The versatile design means one frame suits different seat requirements with only a change of seat if, for instance, side access is needed.

Shower Trolleys and Stretchers

From £2,095 (if exempt from VAT)

Shower Trolleys and Stretchers

To assist compliance of current Moving and Handling regulations, Chiltern Invadex produce a range of shower trolleys and stretchers to facilitate the transfer of patients to the bathing area where they can be showered, dried and clothed easily and safely. Trolleys are available with adjustable or fixed height and in various sizes. They come with convenient drop down sides and padded liner complete with head support. There are three model options of shower / changing stretcher, the standard T11 the T12 with adjustable back and the T13 , complete with padded liner, head support and drop down sides. All are designed to allow patients to be washed over a bath or in a shower area, in a prone or raised position. For ease of storage the stretcher folds flat against the wall when not in use. All this equipment and more, together with any advice that may be required, is readily available from TPG DisableAids. Site visits and assessments can be arranged on request, free of charge.

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